Who We Are
(and some history)

We are an all-volunteer, secular, self-supporting organization that gives
New Jersey adults age 55 and older, the opportunity to
learn new skills, make new friends, and join a variety of
organized, recreational and educational activities.

Membership is open to residents of New Jersey who are 55 or older (however, we accept volunteers of any age). The Center is staffed and managed entirely by unpaid volunteers.  It was the first such community center in the nation.

The Wayne Adult Community Center came into existence through the unremitting efforts of several dedicated people, and it prospers thanks to the volunteers and core members who donate their effort and their time to its well-being.

We were incorporated officially in March of 1996. That summer, we received notice of a New Jersey state grant (the result of work by then Senator Joseph L. Bubba). The grant served as critical seed money.

In the autumn of that year, we celebrated our grand opening in a single room in an elementary school. The Center operated there for three years, until we moved to our current accommodations, a suite in a building on the Schuyler-Colfax Middle School Campus.

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The Wayne Adult Community Center is operated by the Wayne Adult Community Center, Inc, a not-for-profit corporation under Internal Revenue Code sections 501(a), 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

Day-to-day operations are governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the organization's officers and other key individuals. Advice is provided by a Board of Trustees, whose members include prominent people from the area. The current trustees and Executive Committee members are listed below:

        Board of Trustees

Morris Stein

Michael Rudolph, Esq.
Senior Attorney

Vice President
Mary Ann Oesterle

Sharyn Matthews
Wayne Twp. Human Resources Director

Batia Kramer

Dr. Mark Toback
Wayne Superintendent of Schools

Sergeant at Arms
Dennis Harding
Michel Sochaski
Recreation Superintendent Wayne Twp.

Rosalie van Dam

Patti Tahan
Coldwell Banker Branch Vice President

Executive Committee Members at Large
Eugene Hoffman
Branch Manager, Columbia Bank

Leonard Arkin

Shellye Young

Elisa Maislin

William Shapiro

Chet Gala

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Updated March 12, 2024