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From the April, 2007 Cyberspace News

Rescuing Slides From Oblivion

Do you have slides that you like but no longer look at because it requires hauling out and setting up the projector?  Or doesn’t your projector even work anymore?  Well, for a nominal price you can have the slides copied to images that can be viewed on your computer monitor.  You can then also Email them to friends and family.

Some home scanners have provisions for scanning slides, but even high quality units produce barely mediocre results.  The good news is that there are now commercial services with special scanning systems well suited to slides. These services provide the digitized images on a CD or a DVD.  (Of course, they also send your slides back.)

Bill Shapiro recently had 65 of his favorite slides digitized by a commercial service.  The price was about 91¢s per slide including shipping charges and tax.   He reports that the results were excellent, and as a bonus, he could crop and make other desired adjustments to the digitized images.  That’s something you just can’t do with slides.

Many thanks to Mr. Shapiro for passing on invaluable information like this!

You May Know Your Identify Thief

Fifty-three percent of identity theft victims last year reported their identity stolen by a friend, relative, employee or acquaintance.  The home-bound elderly, who receive assistance from home services and others, may be particularly vulnerable due to their frailty and dependence.

The National Crime Prevention Council has produced a free brochure on preventing identity theft.  Download it from (note the absence of the www in this web address):