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From the April, 2002 Cyberspace News

In cyberterms, Easter eggs are harmless, undocumented and usually well-hidden pieces of programs. If you click the right spot, edit the right file, or type in the secret sequence, presto, you’ll find anything from a list of the names of the programmers who created the product to a full multimedia tribute to the developers. You might even find a game you can play.

Why do programmers put Easter eggs in their programs? It’s often a coping mechanism to help them deal with the extensive hours and the many details and frustrations inherent in being a computer programmer. Sometimes eggs are created just to have some fun. Other eggs list the programmers and staff who have worked on the project but who may not get the credit they deserve. Easter eggs pose a challenge for programmers because most companies will remove the eggs if they’re found during product testing.

Ok, so how can you find Easter eggs?

Well, there are some sites devoted to them. Two of them are:


Not all the eggs listed on these sites work but when you find one that does, it is a lot of fun.

Programmers are not the only tech people who hide things in their creations. Chip designers also bury little “goodies” in their work. To see a picture of Daffy Duck embedded into a microprocessor chip, log onto:


Note that there’s no www in this website address.

And to find some amusing information on eggs that creators have hidden in non-computer creations such as movies, music, TV, books, and art, log onto:


Source: www.aarp.org

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