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Feature article from the December, 2003 Cyberspace News


Hair Rules That Must Be Broken

   Are you stuck with old-fashioned notions about your hair?  Do you feel locked into a style from yesteryear?  As we enter the holiday  season, full of get-togethers, read on for the four hair rules you should consider breaking this year:

>           Rule 1: Cut Your Hair When You Turn 35 – Hairstylists of the past swore that long hair was not flattering to mature faces.  What a lie! A well-cut head of long hair can look striking and elegant (if not downright sexy). Just make sure that your long hair is styled, not hanging in a mess down your back, and have it trimmed regularly.

>         Rule 2: Lighter Hair Looks Younger – It used to be that the older a woman grew, the blonder her hair grew as well. We now know that over-bleached strands look dowdy and damaged, not young. Ask your stylist for highlights and lowlights which will create the illusion of texture and thickness. Both are keys for great-looking hair.

>         Rule 3: Not Everyone Can Wear Short Hair – Remember the adage that you have to have perfect bone structure to carry a short hairstyle? Well, forget it! The right cut, which is designed with your body proportion in mind, and the right styling products can make any head of hair look incredible when cut short. As you skim magazines and see cuts you like, remember to clip the pictures out and take them to your stylist to see which haircut and/or style best fits you.

>         Rule 4: Wash Your Hair Every Day – Overzealous shampooing can turn hair dry, brittle, and incapable of holding a style. Allow your scalp’s natural oils to do their job by skipping a day or two between shampoos.


   Source: www.thirdage.com

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