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Feature article from the December, 2005 Cyberspace News


Mistakes From “It’s A Wonderful Life”


  If the film “It’s A Wonderful Life” is part of your holiday tradition, you may be interested in some of the mistakes made in the filming of this classic. Warning: Reading these errors may alter your feelings about this film (they may remind you that it is, indeed, a movie), so be forewarned!

• In the scene when George Bailey was going to jump off the bridge, watch the snow carefully. In one of the shots where Clarence was shouting in the water, the snow all of a sudden quits. Then it goes back to snowing when George jumps in.

• When Mary (as a young girl) leans across the drugstore counter to whisper in George’s bad ear, three's a small piece of tape on the edge of the counter right in front of her hand, presumably to show the actors where to position themselves for the shot (the tape isn't’ visible visible in the other shots showing that same section of the counter).

• In the scene where Uncle Billy sees Potter in the bank, he walks to the teller window and there’s no line. A second later, there’s a line of a dozen or more people behind him.

• In a scene near the end of the movie, George enters the Building & Loan with a wreath on his arm. On hearing that he has a phone call from Harry, he tosses the wreath on a table and picks up the phone. In the next second, the wreath is back on his arm.

• When George first finds Harry’s grave, the death date is visible, but after arguing with Clarence, he has to wipe snow from the base of the stone to reveal the date.

• In one scene, Clarence tells George that Harry died at the age of 9 because he wasn’t there to save him. But when you see the tombstone, it shows that Harry was born in 1911 and died in 1919. That would make Harry only 7 or 8 years old.

• In the scene after Bailey becomes nonexistent and they go to the bar, Clarence and Bailey are thrown out. But when they land, they have switched positions.

• Since it’s cold and snowing throughout most of the movie, how come you never see the people’s breath? This is because when they filmed these parts, it was actually very hot outside.