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From the February, 2005 Cyberspace News

What Are Those “F” Keys For?

Look across the top of your computer keyboard and it’s very likely that you’ll see a row of keys labeled “F1, F2, F3…” You never use them. So what are they for? Well, first of all, those are function keys. In the days when DOS was used and a mouse was not, programs used the function keys for various functions (thus the name). Some programs still use function keys. F1, for example, brings up Help. In the computer’s Setup section, function keys are used because the mouse doesn’t work there. In most versions of Microsoft Word, you can use the function keys for common commands. They are listed below:

F1—Get help or the Office Assistant
F2—Move text or graphics
F3—Insert an AutoText entry (after Word displays the entry)
F4—Repeat the last action taken
F5—Choose the GoTo command (Edit menu)
F6– Go to the next pane or frame
F7—Choose the Spelling command (Tools menu)
F8—Extend a selection
F9—Update selected fields
F10—Activate the menu bar
F11—Go to the next field
F12—Choose the Save As command (from the File menu)

Function keys are also important in many games.

Source: www.komando.com

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