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From the January, 2006 Cyberspace News

What’s A PDA? Why Do People Love Them?

OK, so this year my Christmas list included a PDA. A what, you may ask? A Personal Digital Assistant. You’ve seen them around. Those handheld things that people are always writing notes in, or playing games on.

Aha, but PDAs are so much more! Having a PDA is just like having all the power of your computer in your hand. Some basic features are:

• Datebook—You can input meetings, appointments, etc. in the same format as your Day Planner.
• Memo Pad—Imagine getting rid of all those reminder notes you write yourself! You can jot down your favorite book, questions to ask someone the next time you see them, etc..
• Calculator—Math, need I say more?.
• To Do List—Again, no more notes misplaced on the countertop. Write your shopping list, phone calls to make, reminders for your spouse, etc..
• Address Book—To keep track of all those people you need to send thank you cards to for holiday presents..
• On-screen Keyboard—Lets you type by touching the screen with your stylus..
• Backlight—Priceless in dim lighting. Great for jotting down notes in the dark..
In addition, many PDAs will allow you to listen to music, download photos, email, and play games. .
For more information on PDAs and guidance on what to look for in a PDA, log onto the source for this article (note: there is no www in this web address):