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From the May, 2003 Cyberspace News 

A Way To Say “Thanks” 


   I want to tell you about a website that allows you to add your name to an online letter thanking the troops for risking their lives on behalf of other people.  The site belongs to the U.S. Department of Defense and its address is:  www.defendamerica.mil

   Since many in the Armed Forces will have access to the Internet, this could mean a great deal to someone stationed overseas or someone who is here, in America, as part of Homeland Security.

   "Operation Dear Abby" provides the general public with another way to send greetings and notes of support to the military.

   Supporters use the Web to send messages to our service members. Then service members with access to the Internet can read those messages by logging on to operationdearabby.net

   Company commanders with Web access can also download bulk messages that can be printed and distributed according to service branch and location. So even those service members without Internet access can receive words of support from back home. The website is:

Note: there is no "www" in this web address.

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