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Feature article from the May, 2005 Cyberspace News


Our National Pastime

Before I provide you with the following information, I have three confessions to make:  1)  I am a sports widow  2)  It looks as if I am also going to be the mother of a sports nut since my son has apparently inherited his father’s love of most sports  3)  I hate sports.  However, in the interest of those who love baseball (and I guess there are worse things to be devoted to), you might be interested in looking up the following website: 


   This is, of course, the website for the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  As expected, the site contains a mind-boggling amount of information concerning our national pastime and includes features such as:

     This Day In Baseball History

     A 2002 Necrology (listing those who died during that year—apparently it was too  depressing to keep current)

   Tons of trivia quizzes

     A celebration of Women’s History in baseball

     Statistics for every member of the Baseball Hall Of Fame

    Access to the National Baseball Hall Of Fame’s Online Library Catalog

    Research Lists containing such juicy tidbits as “Major League Players With Halloween Names and Nicknames,” a transcript of Abbott and Costello’s classic “Who’s On First” comedy bit, as well as the poem “Casey At The Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

     Free desktop wallpaper which includes images of Hall of  Famers, Cooperstown, and    others

     Free digital postcards


   Again, this is an impressive site...if you  happen to like baseball.