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Feature article from the November, 2006 Cyberspace News


Which Files To Back Up

 You know that you should periodically back up your files. In fact, in this publication, we will often remind you to do that. A minute taken to back up your files can save you hours, if not days, of heartbreak in case of a computer malfunction. But which files do you really need to back up?

 Obviously, that is a subjective question; however, the categories that most people choose to back up include:

·         Photos, music, and home video

·         Financial statements

·         Personal writing and art

·         E-mail, contact list, and personal calendar

·         Favorites or Web browser bookmarks

 You can cover a host of these by backing up My Documents, the folder that contains the My Pictures and My Videos folder. Most people also keep their written documents in My Documents. If you don’t keep most of the important stuff in one folder, it might behoove you to start doing so.

 Email, contact, and calendar data can be harder to find. Here are the back-up steps for some email programs:

·         In Outlook, click File>>Import and Export. Select Export to File and click Next. Select Personal Folder File and click Next. Select your inbox or other items you want to save and click Next. Click Browse and locate the place where you are storing your backup.click Finish.

·         Outlook Express does not have an export feature for messages. You can find a workaround on thesite.

·         To find Thunderbird data, click Start>>Run. Enter "%APPDATA%" (without the quotes) into the box and click OK. Back up the Thunderbird folder.

 Web browser bookmarks are usually outside the My Documents folder, but they’re pretty easy to back up. Start by opening your browser.

In Internet Explorer, click File>>Import and Export. A window will pop up with a few questions. Choose to Export Favorites and click Next. Highlight the Favorites folder to select all your Favorites and click Next.

Under Export to a File or Address, click Browse. Then find the location of your backup and click Save. Click Next and, finally, Finish.

In Firefox, click Booarks>>Manage Bookmarks. Click File>>Export. Find the location of your backup and click Save.

Source: www.komando.com


In a subsequent issue of Cyberspace News, we’ll explain how to back up other important files, and where they should be backed up to.