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Feature article from the October, 2002 Cyberspace News


Internet Safety For Grandkids

The Internet is an amazing thing, chock full of information and fun. For kids, it can also be a dangerous place. You can help your grandkids safely navigate the worldwide web.

Remember that the computer is not a babysitter. It is a connection to tons of information and millions of people, not all of whom are honorable. As grandparents, you are responsible for your grandkids when they are surfing the web at your house.

Just as you would want to know where they are and who they re with when they're offline, you should know these things online as well- Make sure you know where the kids are surfing and with whom they're chatting. Make sure that you are physically with them when they are using your computer.

Avoid telling them any passwords that will allow them access to your account when they're over at a friend's house. Let them know that you expect them to access certain sites and avoid others.

Make it clear that you do not want them to download any files without your express consent. Express your confidence in their ability to navigate the Internet responsibly. And never, never underestimate their computer skills. These kids are taking all kinds of computer classes, so there's a very good probability that their skills are much better than yours.
Remember: it's your home, your computer, and your internet connection. You set the rules!

The above information came from a presentation made by Sgt John McC'lcllan of the Verona Police Department and Officer Steve Baird of the Cedar Grove Police Department at a recent mcctiny of the Essex County Chapter of Mothers & More.

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