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Feature article from the October, 2003 Newsletter


Are Your Savings Bonds

Still Paying Interest?

According to an article in the May, 2003 issue of Reader’s Digest, more than $10 billion in U.S. savings bonds held by individuals are no longer paying interest.  All bonds have maturity dates, after which their values stop increasing.  The U.S. savings bonds that have matured as of May, 2003 are:

Series E bonds issued from May 1941 through April 1963;

Series E bonds issued from December 1965 through April 1973;

Series H bonds issued from June 1952 through April 1973;

Series HH bonds issued from January 1980 through April 1983

If you are holding matured bonds, they no longer constitute investments.  The only way to begin accumulating interest again is to cash them in and put the money either in new  bonds or in alternate investments such as stocks or bank CDs.

If you have Internet access, you can find out what your bonds are worth at the Web site www.publicdebt.treas.gov by clicking on “Savings bond calculator” in the bar at the left of the screen.  Read the instructions, then click the “Get Started” button at the bottom.  Make sure you have the bonds handy so you can enter all required information.

  The article gives the source of their information as: “Stephen Meyerhardt of the U.S. Treasury’s Bureau of the Public Debt”.

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