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Feature article from the October, 2003 Cyberspace News


Emailing Groups Of People

If you send emails to the same bunch of people (for example, family or friends), you may be able to save the entire group so that you don’t have to email them all individually. According to the website www.komando.com, here is how you should be able to accomplish this:

In Outlook Express:

• Click Addresses>>New. Click New Group.
• Enter a Group Name and click Select Members.
• If necessary, click the down arrow to select your address book.
• Highlight the names you want in the group and click Select to move them to the Members box.
• Click OK>>OK.

In Netscape:

• Click Window>>Address Book. Click New List.
• Enter a List Name (Nickname and Description are optional).
• Type in the individual names.
• Click OK.

In Eudora:

• Click Tools>>Address Book.
• Click New. In Nickname, give your group a name.
• Type the addresses in the box under "This nickname…”
• Press Enter after each name so that each name is on its own line.
• When you finish, right click Address Book box at the bottom of the window and select Close. Click Yes when you are asked if you want to save the changes.

Remember that when you send an email to a group of people, always use the BCC field. BCC means “blind carbon copy” and anyone whose address is listed there will only see the address on the “To” line (and not all of the addresses you’re sending to).

Source: www.komando.com

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