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Feature article from the October, 2004 Cyberspace News


Storage Tips


<>   When starting a general storage system, you basically have four  <>storage choices. You can hang the
item up, put it in a drawer, store it on the floor, or put it on a shelf. If 
<>you haven't used it in a year,
chances are good that you never 
<>will. Get rid of anything that you haven't used for the past year,  <>except tax and business documents. By taking the time to sort,  <>you’ll reduce your storage needs,
and save valuable time and money in the process.

   To manage paper, consolidate important notes into a daily     planner, spiral notebook, large   calendar, or wipe-off board. Use a colored marker to flag special events. Create a follow-up system using a notebook with pocket     dividers, one labeled for each month of the year. The binder can be used as a portable desk or stored in your work area.  Set a specific day of the month to do your paperwork. 

   Closet organizing ideas can be adapted for storing clothing, crafts, sporting goods, and just about anything you can shove into a closet.  .  Plastic bins and shelf dividers keep folded items stacked. 

   Hang ties and belts on a plastic coat hanger and make your own cubbies for shoes and purses by decorating divided grocery store boxes.  Hooks for caps, bags, umbrellas and purses keep things in sight.

<>   Hanging organizers with divided pouches store and display at the same time.  Try the clear pouches used for hanging shoes that can be purchased at most dollar stores.

   Use over-the-door organizers and utility racks.  Store small items under the bed in boxes with lids, tackle boxes, or fishing lure boxes. 

   Make items do double duty.  Use a bedroom closet to create a small space for paperwork or hobby work; the doors close to hide a work in progress.  Folding screens are also decorative and disguise a work area.  Use baskets to hold important papers or fresh fruit.  Top a large garbage can with a simple wooden circle and cover it with a tablecloth to make a bedside or end table which can hide items. 

   Establish a workable system for yourself that you are confident you can follow for a long time.  Being organized is an ongoing process, not an end result.  File those papers for only ten minutes a day until you see your desk under all those stacks.  It will get done and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every day as you do just a bit more to organize the clutter in your life.

Source:  www.mommysavers.com