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Feature article from the October, 2005 Cyberspace News

Turn Off Your PC And Grab A Crayon

If you think crayons are just for kids, then check out the website Crayons For Codgers, located at http://crayonsforcodgers.home.mindspring.com
(note the absence of the www in this web address).

This delightful site is “a lighthearted yet very serious attempt to resurrect the artistic creativity each of us was born with.”

Research continues to show that purposeful, regular creative activity keeps our brains active and healthy. It reduces stress. And drawing and coloring help fingers stay flexible and improve eye-hand coordination.

Using crayons affords several benefits:

1. They’re cheap and can be used on almost any kind of paper.
2. They can be used alone without any supporting materials like brushes, containers, water, etc.
3. Crayons are not intimidating. Everyone is familiar with crayons. And if you don’t like what you’ve made, just throw the picture out.
4. They’re versatile. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. So you can start out with basic wax crayons and, if you choose, add watercolors, pastels, or inks.

Okay, okay, so I hear the chorus of readers saying, “But I can’t draw.” With crayons, you don’t have to! Doodle away! Crayons For Codgers will guide you through a few simple (and I mean SIMPLE) exercises to get you going.

So take a deep breath and reach for a box of crayons. As the website says, “throughout your life, draw more than your breath.”