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From the December, 2000 Cyberspace News

Thinking About Ordering Drugs Online?
Think again.  Although it may seem like the perfect solution for the person who has a hard time getting to the drugstore, there are some potential problems:

1.  Questionable products. You could be dealing with foreign pharmacies whose drugs are not approved  (with reason) for sale in the U.S. Or there may be reasons why your own doctor won't prescribe them for you.  There's also no way to ensure that the products you get from these websites are genuine, of the right strength, and uncontaminated.

2.   Faceless doctors and unethical prescribing practices.  Some websites ask that you have a "consultation" with an online physician (who remains anonymous); this doctor is probably not licensed in your state. Also, with the multiple health problems many seniors have, you need at least one physician who knows you well and can coordinate your medical care.

3. Excessive costs. Not all drugs are cheaper on the Web. Some may actually cost more.

4.  Inconsistency. Your local pharmacist (the one you primarily use) will have all of your prescription records so that he/she can alert you as to potential drug interactions.

5.  Delivery delays. Even the best delivery  companies  experience delays. Having a local pharmacy ensures that you get your medication when you need it.

The Internet is certainly good for many things, but buying drugs may not be one of them.

Source: Arthritis Today, May-June 1999. Thanks to Gloria Morris for this article.


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