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Feature article from the December, 2000 Newsletter

Concerned About Food Irradiation?
No Problem, They'll Just Change the Name

In response to public concern over the safety of irradiated foods, has the food industry taken steps to ensure that such foods are indeed safe? No. Instead, it has convinced lawmakers that the foods should no longer be identified as "irradiated". The industry wants to use some alternative term that "will stir less public anxiety". One suggestion is "cold pasteurized".

In other words, instead of addressing the actual question of safety, the food industry will simply disguise the fact that the food has been irradiated.

A bill directing the Food and Drug Administration to come up with a euphemistic name for food irradiation has already been signed into law by President Clinton.

Another prediction in the novel "Brave New World" has come true. "Newspeak" is here.

Based on an article in The Sunday Record of Hackensack, November 5, 2000


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