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From the February, 2001 Cyberspace News

Help For The Hard Of Hearing
New federal regulations that govern telephones  in public places (including hotel and motel rooms) require that phones be compatible with hearing aids and have controls to increase the volume on the handset from 12 to 18 decibels. You may already be familiar with these volume controls since many pay phones now have them.

The regulations require hotels and motels that have 80 or more guest rooms to provide   telephones that are hearing-aid compatible to all guest rooms by January 1, 2001. Facilities with less than 80 guest rooms must comply by January 1, 2004.

To ensure that your room has one of these phones, when making a reservation ask about the facility's telephone equipment. If the reservationist doesn't know, call the hotel directly and speak to the property's manager. If you check into a hotel and find an old, non-compliant phone in your room, again, speak with the manager. They may provide one on request.



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