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From the July, 2001 Cyberspace News

Quick Computer Tips You Need To Know
Are you a "tip-a-holic"? Here are some helpful hints, practical advice, and useful information to make your computer time more productive and fun:

Clean your keyboard with compressed air (available at most computer supply stores). Dust bunnies and snack crumbs can accumulate on your keyboard. Just disconnect the keyboard and clean it with a can of compressed air.

What s the Num Lock key? It s a toggle switch and when it s on, the keypad works like a calculator. When it s off, the home, page up, page down, and arrow keys work. If you re having trouble logging on to your ISP or a website, make sure the Num Lock is off.

Want to use the keyboard to right-click?  Hold down the Shift and press the F-10 button at the same time.

Finding the version number: Let s say the manufacturer just announced that a new version of your software is coming out. Unfortunately, you re not sure which version you re currently using. In most programs, you can choose "Help" from the menu bar and then choose "About (the program name)." You ll get a screen that gives the version number and other information about the software.

Remember to backup your important files!  If disaster strikes, you can reinstall your programs from the original floppy disks or CD-Roms, but you can t recreate the data files and documents you have created unless you have a back-up copy.

Ever seem to get stuck in a Web page? Right-click on any link and choose Open in New Window. You should be completely released from the previous page.

Take breaks often when working on your computer. It s always good to give your body and brain a break.

Sharing files You need to share a word processing document with someone but don t know which word processor they're using. Save it in Rich Text Format which will retain most of your formatting and can be accessed by most word processing programs.

Read your screen carefully. The answer to your question is often right before your eyes.



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