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Other important phone numbers
Medicare Part D Examples
Other Web sites that may interest you

Keep Windows XP Going Like the Battery-Ad Bunny

Phone Numbers of Some State-Wide Seniors-Oriented Organizations

NJ 2-1-1
Connects you to resource specialists who can guide you to agencies where you can get help in dealing with urgent needs or everyday concerns.   They can direct you to state and local health and human services agencies, food banks, and more.  It is free and confidential.



One-stop information line connects seniors
to services in your community.

Office of Support Services for the Aged


Information on benefit programs including
PAAD and Lifeline Utility Assistance.

Division of Aging and Community Services


Connect to a State Health Insurance Program counselor
to learn about Medicare benefits and other programs

Healthcare Advocate Volunteer Effort


Report suspected Medicare or Medicaid abuse.

Office of Long Term Care Options


Explore community-based alternatives to
nursing home placement.

Adult Protective Services


Report abuse, neglect, or exploitation
of anyone 18 years of age or older.

Nursing Home Hotline


For complaints regarding long-term care facilities.

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Other Important Phone Numbers and Addresses

1-800-962-1253 In case of poisoning or suspected poisoning
PERSONAL CRISIS HOTLINE (National) 1-800-SUICIDE If you're in suicidal, emotional or family crisis.

There are also local centers in
Morristown (973-540-0100)  and
Montclair (973-744-6522)

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs
Reni Erdos, Director
124 Halsey Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Telephone: 973-504-6200
General Complaint Line:
Fax: 973-648-3538
TDD: 973-504-6588

Report fraud or other consumer difficulties, and get help.

Consumer Affairs' motto, "Take advantage of us so no one takes advantage of you".

Crime Victims services
State Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy
NJ Division of Criminal Justice
P.O. Box 085
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
(609) 588-7900
Support and information

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Bradley Campbell, Commissioner
401 E. State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625

Fax: 609-292-7695

To report environmental incidents, abuses, and complaints in New Jersey or in any location from which it could have an impacting on New Jersey:
[Toll free]  1-877-WARNDEP

Information and news about the environment in the state.
Help for victims of Identity Theft
           Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Response Center
           600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580
           877-idtheft or 877-382-4357
           Credit bureaus
           Trans Union, Fraud Victim Assistance Dept.
           P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92834
           Equifax, P.O. box 740241, Atlanta, Ga. 30374-0241
           Experian, P.O. Box 1017, Allen, Texas 75013
Report identity theft IMMEDIATELY,
to reduce your liability.
National Do Not Call  Registry for telemarketers 888-382-1222
List takes effect in October, 2003
Register to forbid most telemarketing calls

New Jersey Transit

(800) 772-2222 in NJ
(973) 762-5100 out-of-state
(800) 772-2287 hearing impaired with Teleprinter - NJ only.
Web site:

Bus and train information - fares, schedules, services, etc.

 Disposal of -
  Hazardous Waste

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                                                              Medicare Part D Examples
Monthly premium: Depends on
the plan

Monthly premium
 in the  examples:

Price of the drugs
You pay Medicare pays
$250 100% $250 0% $0
$2,000 25% $500 75% $1,500
$2,850 100% $2,850 0% $0
After that:
(No limit) 5%
Example 1 -:If the monthly price of your medications is:
Month Drug price You pay Medicare pays Your
cost for drugs
Your cost
including premiums
You save
January $100 $100 $0 $100 $137 -$37
February $100 $100 $0 $200 $274 -$74
March $100 $63 $38 $263 $374 -$74
April $100 $25 $75 $288 $436 -$36
May $100 $25 $75 $313 $498 $3
June $100 $25 $75 $338 $560 $41
July $100 $25 $75 $363 $622 $79
August $100 $25 $75 $388 $684 $117
September $100 $25 $75 $413 $746 $155
October $100 $25 $75 $438 $808 $193
November $100 $25 $75 $463 $870 $231
December $100 $25 $75 $488 $932 $269
Example 2 -:If the monthly price of your medications is:
Month Drug Price
You pay Medicare pays Your
cost for drugs
Your cost
including premiums
You save
January First
$250 $250 $0 $250 $287 -$37

$250 $62.50 $188 $313 $313 $188
February $500
$125 $375 $438 $512 $489
March $500
$125 $375 $563 $674 $827
April $500
$125 $375 $688 $836 $1,165
May First
$250 $62.50 $188 $750 $935 $1,315

$250 $250 $0 $1,000

June $500
$500 $0 $1,500 $1,722 $1,278
July $500
$500 $0 $2,000 $2,259 $1,241
August $500
$500 $0 $2,500 $2,796 $1,204
September $500
$500 $0 $3,000 $3,333 $1,167
October $500
$500 $0 $3,500 $3,870 $1,130
November First
$100 $100 $0 $3,600 $4,007 $1,093

$400 $20 $380 $3,620

December $500
$25 $475 $3,645 $4,089 $1,911

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Other Valuable Web Sites

Below are links to some Web sites that contain valuable information
Click on any address to be taken to that site*.

AARP (American Association of Retired People):

Area code locater:


Computer technical terms defined:

Computer time - how to make yours more productive and fun:

Consumer information federal center:

Credit Report Request (for your free annual credit report):
Copy this Web site address and paste it into your Web browsers' address bar:

Crime victims, national center for:

Dictionary (uses 300 online dictionaries):

Donate rice to the hungry, at no cost to you:

Eldercare information: - Nursing home ratings, sources of help, cost information, etc.

Federal general information site:

Federal legislation (and the federal legislature):

Funeral consumer information:

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
     Risks of buying medications online

Health information, general:

How-To site (how to do almost anything, such as
unclog a sink, deliver puppies, incorporate a business,
shuck oysters, parallel park, and many others:

Identity theft government site:

Medical information: Merck Manuals:
This site is of course oriented to medical orthodoxy, but it has a wealth of valuable information.

New Jersey county and municipal Web sites:

New Jersey state government site:

New Jersey Transit Reduced Fare Program:

New Jersey Transit schedules:

Newspapers, northern New Jersey:

        The Record (and Herald News)
        The Star Ledger

Northern New Jersey nearby towns Web sites
        Lincoln Park
        Ringwood /
        West Milford

Passaic County historical sites:

Quotations lookup site:

Reference, general information:

Reverse phone directory:

Seniors' assistance program:

Seniors, federal programs for (benefits, services):

Seniors general Web site:

Seniors' online weekly Internet magazine:

Seniors, New Jersey state programs for:

Time anywhere in the world:

U.S. legislation and legislature:  See "Federal"

Veterans search site:

Virus and worm hoax-warning site:

Vision-impaired people's Resources:

Weather disaster preparation:

Weights and measures conversion:

Eight Ways to Keep Windows XP Fresh

In order to hasten the demise of the Windows XP operating system and improve the lackluster sales of Windows Vista, Microsoft announced that after June, 2008, manufacturers of new computers would no longer be allowed to ship machines with Windows XP.  In the face of a major outcry, the deadline was extended several times, and legal sales of XP didn't end until the summer of 2009, shortly before the release of Windows 7, the successor to Vista, which latter had been roundly criticised and generally rejected by businesses and knowledgeable consumers.   For awhile, purchasers will still be able to obtain a machine with XP if they pay for a "downgradeĒ to XP from one of the more expensive flavors of Vista or Windows 7 (that way, the Evil Empire can force you to pay for its newest OS even if you don't want it, but at the least you'll get the OS that you desire), and Microsoft will provide security updates to Windows XP until sometime in 2014.

So Windows XP promises to have a long life.  Therefore itís desirable to keep it running well if you're lucky enough to still have it. In the May 15, 2008 issue of the Windows Secrets newsletter, there was an excellent article on ways to do that.  Below are some of the salient recommendations:

1.     1. Donít buy the newest version of software unless you need one or more of its features, and if your hardware is working well, donít upgrade drivers just because upgrades are offered free of charge.

2.     2. Rule 1 does not apply to security software and services:  Keep antivirus and other antimalware programs up to date, as well as Web browsers and media players such as Quicktime and Flash.

3.     3. Rule 1 also need not apply to utilities that are designed specifically for XP.  Some of them can improve the OS or add useful features.  Be cautious, though.

4.     4. If you need new hardware of any kind, make sure it is compatible with XP rather than having been designed primarily for Vista or Windows 7.

5.     5. Review the list of programs that start automatically with Windows, and disable the automatic start of programs that you don't need running continuously in the background and sapping computer resources (such as Realplayer and Adobe Reader).  The Startup tab in msconfig (a built-in component of XP) will reveal some of them.  The program StartupCPL (available from will reveal more, and Autoruns (available from can show them all.  Just donít disable anything youíre not absolutely sure about.

6.     6. Get rid of files that you donít need.  Not only do they take up space unnecessarily, they slow down disk access.  Delete what you will never need again, and store files that you might never need again in an offline medium such as a CD, a DVD, or a flash drive.

7.     7. Use XPís built-in Disk Cleanup tool to get rid of junk files, and run the command:

del /s /q "C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Local Settings\Temp\*.*" (where 'yourname' is your Windows user name) to get rid of some files that Disk Cleanup does not address.

8.     8. Defragment the hard disk and check it for errors, periodically (your Webmaster defragments once a week and checks for disk errors monthly).  You can use XPís built-in task scheduling feature (available in the System Tools folder) to schedule those things.  [Note added by your webmaster: For defragmentation however, the free utility program jkDefrag, available from, and its successor Mydefrag, available from for advanced computer users, are recommended by several experts as superior to the defragmenter built into Windows.]

For the full text of the cited article, go to:

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