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Article Issue
3 Tips for Taking better Digital Portraits
January, 2009, Page 7
10 Good Reasons to Have a Cell Phone
June 2007, Page 5
Acronyms Abound
April, 2003
FYI - About the Adobe Reader
October, 2008
All the Words Are Important
July, 2010
The Annual Free Credit Report -Should You Bother? March, 2005
Another Reason Not to Trust the Experts
March, 2009
An Anti-Scam Tutorial Part I May, 2004
An Anti-Scam Tutorial—Part II June, 2004
Are "Organic" Foods Really Organic? February, 2003
Are You Prepared In Case Of Fire? April, 2004
Are You the Source for a Drug Abuser? January, 2010
Are Your Savings Bonds Still Paying Interest? October, 2003
Arrrgh! Technology! February, 2007
Avoiding Dangerous Domains
April, 2010
Avoiding Harm From Your Medications May, 2005
A Will is Not Enough” Was Not Enough October, 2005
A Back Door For Viruses
April, 2009 Page 5
Bad Economy Good for Scammers
February, 2009, Page 5
Benefits For Seniors June, 2001
Best Buy ACE Inhibitors June, 2005
Better Digital Camera Pictures January, 2007
Beware Door-to-Door Scams and Predators April, 2001
Beware Of Medication Errors May, 2004
Beyond Google
October, 2008, Page 5
A Big Gamble April, 2005
Big Science May, 2001
Buying a Compact Video Recorder
November, 2009
Bypassing The Recycling Bin March, 2007
C. diff, the New Infection Threat - How to Protect Yourself
February, 2009
Can Religion and Science Live Together in Peace? January, 2007
Can Your Computer Be Hurt By Streaming June, 2006
The Changing Face of Medicine April, 2002
Chatting Online January, 2002
Cleaning Electronics March, 2008, Page 5
Computer Scientists Help Seniors April, 2008, Page 5
A Computer That Understands Thoughts? January, 2005
Concerned About Food Irradiation?
   No Problem, They'll Just Change the Name
December, 2000
Creating Your Own Shortcuts in Windows December, 2001
Crime Victims Rights Week April, 2001
Dealing With the Medicare Bureaucracy November, 2003
De-mythifying Memory February, 2008, Page 6
Diversion Scam
January, 2010
Digital Television is Coming Soon November, 2007
Don’t Leave Headaches For Your Heirs November, 2003
Don't Let Your Food Turn to Poison
June, 2009
Don't Unpower Your Printer Too Soon
February, 2009, Page 7
Drug Interactions September, 2007
Drugs May Lead To Gambling April, 2006
DTV Answers May, 2008, Page 7
Easily Corrected Hazards in Your Home (and Elsewhere)
December, 2008
Effective Complaining February, 2006
Eight Ways to Keep XP Running Well

Email Mistakes
May, 2010
Emailing Groups Of People October, 2003
Fact Checking
December, 2008, Page 7
Fad or Phuture? December, 2004
Fathers and Sons: Hug November, 2005
The Fifth Taste — New Hope For Poor Appetites January, 2004
Finding Computer Easter Eggs April, 2002
Finding the Lowest Gas Prices
October, 2008
Finding Your Way Up a Bank's Chain of Command-
   Part 3 in a 3-part series
November, 2002
Fish is Healthful, But Some Fish Should Be Avoided May, 2008
Food Safety
March, 2009, Page 7
Free Lookups
January, 2009, Page 7
Free Sterling Silver Jewelry
September, 2008, Page 5
Friends: Keys To Longevity February, 2006
From Wax Cylinders to the iPod—What’s Next? June, 2005
Get the Latest on Recalls
April, 2010
Gifts for Nursing Home Residents
November, 2008, Page 6
10 Good Reasons to Have a Cell Phone
June 2007, Page 5
Goodbye to the Last Vestiges of Privacy October, 2006
GPS Sense February, 2008, Page 5
Great Moments in Jurisprudence
May, 2009
The Greening of the Electronics Industry
January, 2009, Page 5
Guarding Against Email Hoaxes
June, 2008, Page 7
Hair Rules That Must Be Broken December, 2003
Half Fare Transportation - The Bus Stops Here
January, 2001
Help For the Hard of Hearing February, 2001
Help for Your Memory December, 2001
High Capacity Portable Memory January, 2008, Page 5
The History of Our Flag July, 2001
History of the PC November, 2001
Special Supplement
How Credible is the Source June, 2004
How Did He Do It? (Motor vehicle registration)
December, 2002
How Many Do You Have? (Technology)
November, 2004
How Much Do You Know About Your PC June, 2003
How Safe is Your Credit Card Info? November, 2002
How to Clean Almost Anything
February, 2010
How to Protect Yourself From Con Artists
   and Other Criminals
June, 2003
How to Speak to a Person
October, 2009
How Will This Play Out (foreign lanugage Web domains)
January, 2010
Identity Protection Advice December, 2006
Identity Theft is On the Rise, and We Are All at Risk April, 2008
If You Are Ever In a Sinking Car March, 2007
If You Are the Executor of a Will - Finding a Good Lawyer February, 2008
If You're Considering a Move Into Assisted Living May, 2007
If You're Considering Upgrading to VISTA September, 2007, Page 5
Increasing Evidence for Mind Over Illness May, 2003
Internet Safety for Grandkids October, 2002
Intimacy in the Senior Years January, 2008
Is Deleting Enough December, 2006
Is Your Charity Donation Going Where You Think? January, 2005
Keeping your software up to date October, 2007, Page 5
Keychest is Coming
December, 2009
Lack of Energy May Foretell Illness
October, 2008, Page 6
The Lantern Festival March, 2008, Page 6
Lions in Your Yard, Vampires in Your House,
   and a Hurricane in Your Shower
May 2002
Making Passwords Safer September, 2006
The March Of Technology March, 2004
The Maps We Learned From Are Wrong October, 2004
Meant to Catch the Rich, but It May Catch You April, 2006
Medicare in a Nutshell April, 2008, Page 6
Medicine Cabinet Checkup June, 2007
Mellowing As You Grow Older March, 2005
Microsoft’s Dirty Little Secret October, 2006
Mistakes From “It’s A Wonderful Life” December, 2005
More Memory Tips April, 2007
Mouse vs. Keyboard October, 2001
Murphy's Laws of Computing March, 2001
Napping – It's Not Just For Kids Anymore March, 2004
The Newest Prescription Drug -
A Lot More Expensive, But Is It Really Better?
March, 2003
The New Federal Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D) September, 2005
New Laws (Crosswalk, Move-Over)
June, 2010
New Scams, Old Scams February, 2002
NJ511November, 2008, Page 5
Not Online? It's Going to Cost You January, 2003
Not What They Claim December, 2003
Old TV? Afraid of the Upcoming Switch to Digital-Only? Don't Panic!
January, 2009
Opt Out  of Unsolicited Phone Books
March, 2009, Page 6
Our Changing Language March, 2001
Our National Pastime May, 2005
Outsmarting Those Voice Menus March, 2006
Personality Can Change Throughout Life February, 2004
Photographs on the Web September, 2002
Picture Acronyms September, 2004
Places Not to Use Your Debit Card
May, 2010
A Poison by Any Other Name
April, 2009
Potatoes are Good For You,
No We Mean Bad For You,
No We Mean Good For You
June, 2006
Practical Results of the Abstruse Sciences November, 2008
Protecting Yourself Against a Bank's Misdeeds -
Part 2 in a 3-part series
October, 2002
Quick Computer Tips You Need to Know July, 2001
A Quick, Do-it-Yourself Health Care Quiz December, 2002
Recognizing a Stroke
September, 2009, Page 10
Reduce or Reverse the Effects of Aging November, 2006
Regular Computer Maintenance
January, 2010
Repaired Viruses vs. Quarantined Ones December, 2004
Rescuing A Wet Cell Phone
December, 2009
Rescuing Slides From Oblivion April, 2007, Page 5
Saving Money When You Print
June, 2010
Scams Aimed at Seniors Are On the Rise January, 2006
Search Engine Caveat November, 2007, Page 5
Self-Esteem For Seniors April, 2004
Seniors Find Love, Skip Marriage
October, 2009
Shopping: Fun, But It Can Be Addictive February, 2003
Should You Go Online? December, 2002
Should I Upgrade?
July, 2010
Sights That We Ignore September, 2006
Sitting Yourself to Death
March, 2010
Slimy Bank Practices, and How to Fight Back September, 2002
Smoking and Dementia November, 2007, Page 6
Snoop Out Snopes
February, 2010
Some literary-oriented items October, 2007
Some Medical Myths and Truths March, 2008
Spam, Spam, Everywhere March, 2003
State and Federal Recreation Benefits for Seniors October, 2001
Staying in Touch January, 2001
Stay on Top of Your Credit Report
April, 2009 Page 7
Staying Safe on Public Computers May, 2008, Page 5
Steady As She Goes (when recording video)
December, 2009
Storage Tips October, 2004
Suddenly Stopping Some Medications Could be Fatal December, 2005
Tax Time is Creeping Up February, 2002
10 Good Reasons to Have a Cell Phone June, 2007
Terrorism On US Soil—In 1916 September, 2005
There’s More to America’s Health Care Crisis
   Than You May Think
December, 2007
Think You've Lost Money
November, 2009
Thinkchest is Coming
December, 2009
Thinking of Buying a Digital Camera? September, 2004
Thinking of Ordering Drugs Online? December, 2000
This Is An Outrage August, 2001
Time Savers February, 2007
Tips, Tips, Tips March, 2007
3 Tips for Taking better Digital Portraits
January, 2009, Page 7
"Trust Us, We're Experts" June, 2001
Try the Free Rice Game
October, 2009
Turn Off Your PC And Grab A Crayon October, 2005
Two Related, Disturbing Facts About the American Prison System
June, 2009
Unintended Advice is Often the Most Effective
November, 2008
Use Caution When Booking Online Travel June, 2002
A Valuable Aid for Web Safety December, 2007, Page 5
Valuable Information At Bargain Prices June, 2002
Verify, Verify, Verify September, 2001
Vitamin Wars: The Battle Continues
September, 2008
The Wars Inside Our Bodies -
What We've Been Doing Wrong

October, 2008
A Way to Say Thanks May, 2003
Ways to Save When Using Your Printer September, 2003
What A Difference 30 Years Makes
December, 2009
What Are People Doing On the Web
March, 2010
What Are Those “F” Keys For? February, 2005
What Causes Bags Under The Eyes November, 2004
What Information About Us Can We Keep Private? August, 2001
What's A Disk Defragmenter? May, 2001
What's a DLL? March, 2002
What's a PDA? Why Do People Love Them? January, 2006
What's an E-mail Daemon? May, 2002
What’s in the New Federal Prescription Drug Plan? February, 2004
What They Will End Up As (Recycling)
December, 2008, Page 7
What to do If You Lose Your Purse or Wallet September, 2001
"Where is my Spouse?" January, 2004
Which Files To Back Up November, 2006
Which News Do We Get? May, 2006
Which Old Wives' Tales Are True? March, 2004
Why More Wrecks Occur at Intersections May, 2007, Page 5
A Will is not Enough April, 2005
Windows 7 (release dates, what you need)
October 2009
Yet Another Reason to Switch (to the Firefox browser)
December, 2008, Page 5
Yet Another Way to Take Your Money February, 2007
You Can Retaliate Against Junk Mail March, 2002
You Could Be Wanted For Someone Else's Crimes January, 2002
You Don't Need Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers April, 2003
You Need Not Dread Cataract Surgery February, 2005
Your Heart Literally Hurts When You Fight May, 2006
Your New Rights to Medical Privacy September, 2003
Your Own Shortcuts in Word December, 2001
Your Right to New Jersey Government Records January, 2003

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